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The Langman Cup - Callum Anderson on Bauti

Callum Anderson

The Swing Man

5 Goals

As the eldest of the four brothers, Callum is one of England’s finest polo-players and can teach you the perfect shots. He is very technical, and even makes his own ponies. He has played all over the world, including at home for Young England and England. He could play polo before he could walk!

07961 232 106

Ryan Anderson

The Horseman

2 Goal

Ryan is a seriously talented and accomplished polo-player. He will teach you to ride and play beautifully. You will find him galloping around the polo pitch at home, and away. This summer he has been playing all over the South as EPC on tour.

07950 682 858

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Lance Anderson

The Strategy

4 Goals

Describing himself as “the funny one”, Lance is also a very strong and clever player. If you learn from him you will always be in the right place at the right time. It didn’t take Lance long to excel at polo where the Pony Club awarded him Young Player of the Year in his first tournament. Lance has played all over the world, with a penchant for South Africa and England.

07504 680 093

Scott Anderson

The Wit

1 Goal

Scott is the youngest Anderson – and one to watch! He is a great rider and strategic player. He reads the game very well and will find unexpected ways to the goal. Learn from him, watch closely, and you will be able to surprise your opponents on the pitch. When Scott isn’t playing on the home field you will find him playing all across the South for Cuatro Estrellas.

07794 209 179

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